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Top Ten Hottest Careers

The top ten hottest careers in the USA today are:

1. Military: The US Military consists of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. The entire Military force has 1.4 million active duty personnel with several thousands each in Reserves and National Guard.
2. Army: Army jobs with the US Army are technological and challenging ones, which build up your confidence and skills. They include aviation, air defense, infantry, armor, medical, field artillery, and signal operations and Intelligence.
3. Air Force: The US Air Force consists of Air Force, US Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guards of different states, territories and District of Columbia. It defends the nation through control of air and space and maintains a fleet of strategic bombers that carry nuclear weapons and land-based missiles.
4. Navy: The US Navy including the United States Marine Corps has the might to attack land targets and transport weapons and personnel for other US military branches. The Navy has around 380,000 active-duty sailors and an equal number of enlisted personnel.
5. Marines: Marines are very motivated naval infantry; specialize in fighting on ships and ready to accept mental and physical challenges. The US Marines has around 170,000active and 40,000 reserve marines.
6. Coast Guard: The US Guard, the smallest armed service of the United States, engages in law enforcement, search and rescue, and maintenance of intercostals and offshore aids to navigation. Washington DC houses the headquarters of the Coast Guard.
7. Nursing: Nursing career starts at Army ROTC where a combination of military science and practical experience grooms you to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. The US Nursing students are entitled to scholarships subject to certain conditions.
8. Aviation: Careers in Aviation range from Airport Management, Aviation computing, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Maintenance and many more. US aviation offers golden career opportunities for the ground staff.
9. Federal: Federal jobs suit people willing to live and work any where in USA. A good job in your choice of place will give you excellent satisfaction, which reflects in your performance. The government politicizes employment issues and the true picture hardly comes to the fore.
10. Teen Jobs: Teens can earn extra pocket money and get work experience by starting small businesses. You can expand your job search through other avenues like the local grocery stores, malls, restaurants, tourist spots, etc.


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